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Create a future you love — your way.

This is Monet?

What's next?

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Why Monet?


You already knows what it means to wake up everyday to do what you love. You already know what it means to take care of others by sharing your passion, your skill, and your art. You already know that if you put in the time, you get results: more clients, more money, and more of all those benefits that come with doing your own thing.

But is there anything that you get less of? Does it ever feel sometimes like there's a ceiling to how far you can go? As if no matter how much time you put in, no matter how much passion you give, now matter how much experience you already have, there is this limit that you just can't surpass.

And it leaves you Tired and Exhausted. You miss those sweet nothing moments with your family — you know the ones that mean everything. The ones that you work so hard for.

But is there another way?

Something that allows you to work both smart and hard? Something that allows you to pick up the kids from school, be home to cook dinner every night or to be at all the Saturday morning soccer games? Something that allows you to ... LIST ALL BENEFITS, insurance, monthly rewards... car... Financial freedom in a way that helps others and keeps family first: that's the bigger picture.

This industry is really changing. It's no longer about who does the best haircuts, who can formulate with their eyes closed, who has the most experience. It's all about who is innovating and who is stepping out onto their own path.

This is your invitation to be inspired, to stop asking for permission, and to wakeup your inner boss.


Dare to Dream

Your Starter Kit

Not ready to Go Pro?

Consider trying the products, experience the results of MONAT's pro-quality, natural based products for yourself, share share your experience with clients, with your friends, and with your family. You sharing something that works for you with the people who already look to you  for all things hair. That is the business.

We win together!

Is this for real?

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