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Watercraft Detailing: Don't let a dirty boat get you down

Whether you are an avid fisherman, jet skier or sailor, you know how owning a boat enriches your life. But, after a few uses, the boat seems to lose the clean feeling and may even begin looking a bit grimy. Here are a few tips for getting your boat looking new again from our watercraft detailing experts.

  • Suds Up- Before jumping into the soap part, be sure to give your boat a quick rinse to remove any loose dirt, grime or debris. Then, grab your favorite boat cleaner and get to scrubbing. Be sure to work in small sections at a time and rinse as you go so the soap doesn’t dry on and leave streaks on your boat’s surface.

  • Get in Touch with Your Inner Karate Kid– Once you have given your boat a good wash, you may notice the surface appears a bit dull compared to when you bought it. To bring back the showroom shine, it’s time to practice the wax on, wax off move as you literally wax up your boat’s surface. Similar to waxing your car, work in small areas and buff off the wax as you work.

  • Reveal Your Inner Boat Goddess– Once the outside of the boat is sparkling, it is time to revisit the boat’s interior. Be sure to wipe down and polish each surface with a cleaner that is gentle enough not to damage it, but tough enough to remove spots.

If all that sounds like a lot of work and you would rather spend time on the water enjoying the boat than cleaning it, our mobile watercraft detailing service is for you. At Prime Time Mobile Detailing, our technicians receive professional training, so you can feel confident our watercraft detailing services are truly top-notch. There’s no need to take time to bring your boat to us, either; instead, we’ll come to you! Call us today to schedule your cleaning so you can get back on the water.

Watercraft Detailing
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