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Car Wash Raleigh, NC


Did you know that going through an automatic car wash that utilizes rolling brushes with firm bristles could be doing more harm than good? What seems like a practical way to have your car cleaned in a short period of time can actually leave small swirls in your car’s paint and leave your car cleaner, but not necessarily in better shape.

At Prime Time Mobile Detailing, we provide a car wash with every detail that we perform, and because we use the right products to clean your car by hand, you’ll know you will see great results without the unexpected downsides. Whether you’ve chosen a basic detail that includes a car wash and quick vacuum of your car’s interior, or the Prime Time Detail that gets to every tiny corner of your car, you’ll see the difference when our work is through.

Our car wash is designed to be the perfect starting point for an interior and exterior detail, helping us learn the places your car’s exterior needs attention and provide expert restoration of the paint and protective coatings for a lasting finish. We can work on any car, from your everyday vehicle that you drive to work to your antique or luxury car that always needs to be in pristine condition.

The best part about our car wash service? It’s mobile! That means we’ll come to you to provide a car wash and detail service – you don’t have to do anything to disrupt your day. We’ll be happy to provide the services you need while you’re at work, at home, or at play in Raleigh, North Carolina. Just give us a call at Prime Time Mobile Detailing to schedule an appointment. Your car will look as good as new!

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