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In 2009 we founded the NAPCG to support our community of passionate creative grooming professionals.  We continue this commitment to growing together, by sharing the highest available standards in our industry and by exploring the topics that are redefining it.

Our Classes

The NAPCG works diligently to educate where professional groomers seem to bloom the most, in person in a classroom type setting. Educational conferences, grooming school workshops, association hosted seminars, privately hosted workshops, and the NAPCG's very own biennial educational event, The Professional Grooming Rally all serve as valuable venues for educating professional groomers seeking the highest level of education available to the grooming industry.

If you are interested in hosting an event in your area, please do not hesitate to contact us at blahblahblah as Bullet's calendar fills well in advance.

Browse Classes 

Brushing Your Dog

Food and Nutrition

Health and First Aid

Cat Grooming

Grooming 101

Grooming For Competition

Take your pet grooming skills to the next level.

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